I'm Ginza.

I'm a freelance language professional with good experience in writing fresh content and editing literature in English and translating literature from Malayalam to English. I did Science for my pre university and went on to major in English literature. 

I write content from scratch on any given topic. I'm good at slanting content that needs a breath of life. I've had fecund in-house experience in a pre press unit and I know the word travels a bumpy road from the author to reader. I've learnt hands-on the art of survival here: from raw matter to forthright corrections to styling to consistency to fine-tuning and the final striking appearance of the matter.

I like to be thorough in what I do. A smart play of words gives me an unparalleled high and one of my favourite past times is repeating a striking sentence or turn of phrase till it becomes good music to my ears. 

I believe words remain after the worlds cease.