Monday, February 27, 2012

DropCap Media

DropCap Media is a content development firm in Cochin, Kerala. They've done commendable value addition in print, online and social media and continue to do so.

I've composed tag lines and copies for one of their clients generating online literature for children for educational purposes. The word document of my writing is given below.



Teaser: This DRAGON wears a GREEN cap!
Copy: DRAGON BLOOD is a green leaf tree living on far-away SOCOTRA island in the INDIAN OCEAN. Tell your teacher to take you there for your next picnic because these trees have a FUNNY SHAPED THICK CROWN of green leaves that gives lots of SHADE for you to play under. And tell Mama you don’t need your picnic cap!

Teaser: Why does your Papa call you DRAGON BLOOD?
Copy: Oh, my church name is DRACAENA CINNABARI and Dracaena comes from the old Greek word “Drakaina” which means female dragon!! My parents call me DRAGON BLOOD because whenever I get hurt I produce a RED SAP that looks like blood!

Teaser: Why don’t you take care and avoid getting hurt?
Copy: People hurt me for my RED SAP which is used in your MEDICINES, TOOTHPASTE, DYE, and VARNISH FOR VIOLIN. Am also used in RED INK and my brand is called DRAGON’S BLOOD INK! So I don’t mind getting hurt. I like to help!


Teaser: Am your SHADOW and am always so COOL.
Copy: When the SUN is HOTTER I get COOLER!

Teaser: COOL SHADOW loves to play hide-and-seek!
Copy: Have you noticed this: When the SUN is in front of you, your SHADOW jumps BEHIND you; when the SUN is to your RIGHT, your SHADOW rushes to your LEFT. So start the game with your shadow!


Teaser: First aid for ROCKS!
Copy: There were two good ROCK friends under the EARTH’S SURFACE who always played with each other. But one day they fought and caused a FRACTURE. They were rushed to the doc and the doc called it a FAULT LINE!

Teaser: A ROCK FRACTURE is called a FAULT LINE?
Copy: Yes. FAULT LINES can be as short as some MILLIMETERS or as long as THOUSANDS OF KILOMETERS!! They can be dangerous and can cause EARTHQUAKES, OMG!

Teaser: Oooooo…I want to see these lines!
Copy: Well, you can spot them in TURKEY, ANDAMANS, DEAD SEA, and ALASKA. Ask Mama to turn on Google for you!


Teaser: Hey! This b-i-g ROCK looks like a SHIP! Aha!
Copy: This beautiful VOLCANIC ROCK FORMATION called SHIPROCK is in NEW MEXICO. It resembles a huge 19th century CLIPPER SHIP called SHIP ROCK and stands 7,177 ft above the sea level! Mind ya!

Teaser: A good-looking rock!
Copy: SHIPROCK is beautiful. It has SIX frills from its neck (center) called DIKES which are actually WALL-LIKE SHEETS OF COLORFUL LAVA. MILLIONS OF YEARS OF EROSION has made the rock and the dikes so visible for us!


Teaser: Let’s say abracadabra-NO MORE VOLCANIC ACTIVITY on MOUNT ST HELENS!
Copy: In 1980 a lot of heat melted the rocks under MOUNT ST HELENS. A big violent mass of red hot LAVA flew out of the VOLCANO at a terrific speed creating a CRATER about 1 mile (1.6 km) looking like a horse-shoe! But it killed 57 people and lots of animals L


Teaser: Add the letter “G” to Mama and it becomes MAGMA, hehehe!!!!!!!!!
Copy: MAGMA is liquid rock coming out of a VOLCANO. But at times the MAGMA hardens to become a VOLCANIC LANDFORM (that looks like a very big rock) called VOLCANIC NECK!


Teaser: Did you know that the earth or land likes to play on a slide as much as you do?
Copy: LANDSLIDE is a dirty person…and sometimes dangerous too! RAIN and SOIL EROSION are his playmates and when the game gets serious LANDSLIDE brings portions of the earth off in such a mess of pebbles, rubble, rock, and soil! Aargh…yuck!

Teaser: Have you tried a somersault on your slide?????
Copy: Don’t try it! You would be surprised to know that this dirty LANDSLIDE tried a somersault called TOPPLE. Gosh…entire huge portions of soil and rock flew out and rotated outward scaring everyone around!!!

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